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Documents and Certificats

Certificates and Translations | Recognition of qualifications from outside Germany

Certificates and translations

  • For lots of formalities in Germany, you will need certified translations of your certificates (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate).
  • Foreign certificates must be translated by a sworn translator. You can find contact addresses online or in the yellow pages under the heading 'Dolmetscher/Übersetzer' (interpreter/translator).

You can find more information at Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ).

Recognition of qualifications from outside Germany

If you have qualifications from your home country, or have learned a trade, this can be verified in Germany and officially recognised. This is an important step in your integration in the German job market.

For support and advice on the recognition process

Gesellschaft für berufliche Eingliederung (GBE)

Bleichstr. 56 – 68 (number 64, second floor)
75173 Pforzheim

Route planner (google.maps)

Renate Bertsch, Monika Freisler

+49 7231 39-34 32 oder 39-34 22

Only for migrants from non-EU countries
(Please arrange appointments by phone)

Q-Prints&Service FABÈ – Beratungszentrum Frau und Beruf

Simmlerstr. 10
75172 Pforzheim

Route planner (google.maps)

Daniela Schneider, Chris Meyer, Christa Reis

+39 7231 56603-504

(Please arrange appointments by phone)

Caritasverband Pforzheim e. V.

Blumenhof 6
75175 Pforzheim

Route planner (google.maps)

Salvatore Galluzzo

+49 7231 12 81 26

(Please arrange appointments by phone)

Diakonie Pforzheim

Melanchthonstraße 1
75172 Pforzheim

Route planner (google.maps)

Sonja Ehmann

+49 7231 3 78 78

(Please arrange appointments by phone)

Stadt Pforzheim | Jugend- und Sozialamt

Marktplatz 4
75175 Pforzheim

Route planner (google.maps)


+49 7231 39-35 88

(Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only)

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