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What is housing benefit (Wohngeld) and where can you apply for it?

  • Housing benefit is extra financial support for people with low incomes to help them pay the rent.
  • Generally speaking, anyone with a low income may apply for housing benefit.
  • You can get the application form and further information from the housing benefit office.

Application for housing benefit


Jugend- und Sozialamt, Wohngeldstelle, Bildungs- und Teilhabeleistungen für Wohngeld- und Kinderzuschlagsempfänger (Sachgebiet)


Jugend- und Sozialamt
Zehnthofstraße 10-12, 75175 Pforzheim

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Contact (SG Wohngeld, BuT...)

+49 7231 39-23 88

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Hours for making appointments by phone

Consultation is only possible at a previously arranged appointment. 

You can reach us by phone to make an appointment:

Last nameRoomTelephone
A-CZimmer 2.14Tel. +49 7231 394250
D-GeZimmer 2.15Tel. +49 7231 392847
Gf-KhdZimmer 2.11Tel. +49 7231 392048
Khe-NZimmer 2.16Tel. +49 7231 392650
O-S, Scha-SchmZimmer 2.10Tel. +49 7231 392047
Schn-Schz, St, T-ZZimmer 2.17Tel. +49 7231 391736

What will you need?

  • Passport or ID card
  • Proof of income
  • Rental contract

What will you receive?

Approval/denial of housing benefit support
Keep this in a safe place!