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Rent – what is included?

The rent includes:

  • Rent excl. heating, and utilities. The rent excluding heating is a fixed basic amount.
    Utilities include things such as administrative costs, water, waste water and heating, and are generally billed once a year depending on consumption. Utilities costs are either paid to the landlord or to Stadtwerke Pforzheim (SWP).
  • Electricity is billed separately and paid to Stadtwerke Pforzheim (SWP) or another electricity provider.
  • Every household has to pay for waste disposal. Waste is collected regularly.

Registering for waste collection is done via an order form that has to be signed by the building owner/administrator. This form must be submitted to ServiceCenter Abfallwirtschaft, Heinrich-Witzenmann-Str. 13, 75179 Pforzheim. All containers are equipped with an electronic chip in order to track waste collections.

  • Waste is collected either once a week or once a fortnight, depending on the order. The bins must be positioned on the edge of the pavement with their lids closed by 6.30 a.m. on the day of collection, or at the earliest from 6 p.m. the evening before.
  • You can use the waste collection calendar provided or enter your street and house number online ( to find out when your waste will be collected.

You can get a copy of the latest version of the waste collection calendar here:

Waste separation

In Pforzheim, waste must be sorted as general household waste, paper, glass or packaging. Organic waste such as fruit, salad or vegetables, potato peels or eggshells, coffee grinds, teabags and leftover food must be disposed of in an organic waste bin (brown bin).

Disposal of bulky waste

Bulky waste includes: cupboards, tables, chairs, upholstery, bed frames, mattresses, carpets, large household appliances such as washing machines, sinks and fridges, etc.

  • If you need to dispose of bulky waste, you can bring it to municipal recycling centres (Entsorgungszentrum Hohberg, in Huchenfeld, in Eutingen or in Büchenbronn). For usual household volumes (up to 3 m³), this is free of charge, once a year. You need an authorisation coupon for the free disposal of bulky waste at municipal recycling centres. You can get these coupons from the Service-Center Abfallwirtschaft at Heinrich-Witzenmann-Str. 13.
    For volumes exceeding usual amounts, €5 per cubic metre is charged.

  • If you do not have any way to transport it yourself, bulky waste of up to 3 m³ can be picked up free of charge, once a year. To do this, please place the bulky waste by the side of the road. Any further bulky waste registered is calculated at a cost of €60 and the full service is not included. If you need the full service, you can agree this on an individual basis with the waste management company in question.

  • If more than 3 m³ is to be collected (household clearance, etc.), please contact a private household clearance or transport company.

If you have any questions about waste disposal, please ask the staff at the municipal waste management office (tel.: 07231 39-1393), who are available from:

  • Monday–Friday    7.30 a.m.–12 p.m. 
  • Thursday             1.30 p.m.–6 p.m.

For more information, please visit