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Registering with a nursery

Info Kitaanmeldung

There is a huge range of childcare options available in Germany. Day care facilities such as crèches and nurseries supplement the childcare and education that takes place in the home. In Germany, every child has the right to attend daytime childcare from age 1 until the time they start school.

  • If your child is under the age of 6, you can register with a nursery of your choice so that your child can start learning German as quickly as possible.
  • From 2014, it is now necessary to put your child on a waiting list in Pforzheim. You can do this yourself online at, at the Zentrale Vormerkstelle (see below) or at a nursery.
  • If your child attends nursery, you will have to pay a monthly attendance fee. In certain circumstances, you may apply to have this covered in part or in full.

Waiting list for enrolment in a nursery


What will you need?

  • Parents’ passports
  • Child ID or birth certificate of the child to be enrolled
  • Pforzheim-Pass (if available)

What will you receive?

A place at a nursery from a given date

Help in special circumstances


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