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Emergency contact numbers

As is the case in other countries, you can call the emergency services in certain emergencies in Germany. You can make an emergency call for fast, professional help from the police (for example, in the case of theft, burglary, assault or domestic violence), the fire service (if your house or property is on fire) or an ambulance/ emergency doctor (in the case of physical injury as a result of an accident, or a fast-onset life-threatening illness).

Emergency contact numbers:

Police (Polizei) 110

Fire service (Feuerwehr) 112

Ambulance (Rettungsdienst)
or emergency doctor (Notarzt) 112

Poison control centre
(Giftnotrufzentrale) 07 61 / 1 92 40

The emergency numbers 110 and 112 can be called free of charge from any landline or mobile. You do not need to dial a prefix.

Emergency phone call

Feuerwehr Pforzheim
Rettungsdienst (Notarzt)