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Learning German

In order to live well in Germany, find work and new friends and support children at school, it is necessary to learn the German language.

Migrants can learn German in an integration course.

  • People who are entitled to attend an integration course can register for a German course at the Language Course Coordination Office.
  • Persons who are obliged to attend an integration course by the Foreigners' Registration Office (Migration and Refugees Department), the Job Center or the Youth and Social Welfare Office (Asylum Benefits) must register with the Language Course Coordination Office as soon as possible and attend the course as required.
  • EU citizens without an entitlement/obligation can apply for participation in the integration course and possibly a cost exemption. The Language Course Coordination Office and the migration advice centers of Caritas and Diakonie will help you with this.
  • You can also find the forms and further information on the BAMF website: Integration courses at a glance .
  • Non-participation in a compulsory integration course can have negative consequences:
    • Social benefits (e.g. unemployment benefit II, social assistance) can be reduced.
    • A fine may be imposed.
    • The duration of the residence permit can be shortened.


Integration courses

The integration course consists of a language course (minimum 600 hours) and an orientation course (100 hours). The language course teaches basic knowledge of the German language up to a maximum of B1 level.

The orientation course provides an insight into the culture, legal system and history of Germany.

If required, special integration courses (e.g. youth, women's and parents' integration courses) can be attended, which include 900 - 1200 hours in the language course section and 100 hours in the orientation course.

For migrants who are unable to read and write, integration courses are offered with upstream literacy training (300 hours).

Participation in the integration course is subject to a fee. However, on application you can - under certain conditions - be exempted from paying these costs.

You can register for the integration courses centrally at theCoordination Centre for Language Courses at Schlossberg 15 in Pforzheim.

You can find an information sheet on the integration course in several languages on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF):Information sheet .

Coordination Centre for Language Courses

In Pforzheim, the municipal "Coordination Centre for Language Courses" supports the placement in integration courses and advises on other language course offers.

Anyone wishing to attend an integration course can obtain information and register at the coordination centre.

Please note!

You can only visit the coordination centre by prior appointment!



Koordinierungsstelle Sprachkurse

Schlossberg 15, 75175 Pforzheim

Route planner (google.maps)

fourth floor, please use lift A in the front)

Office hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday8.00 - 11.00 
Wednesday only phone information between9.00 - 12.00

+49 7231 39-28 62 or 39-28 63

Thursday13.00 - 17.00 
What do you need?
  • passport or identity card
  • residence permit
  • further documents if required
What do you get?

Placement in a suitable integration course, counselling on language course offers in Pforzheim.