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Family centres

Pforzheim’s family centres are a meeting place for children, young people, men, women and senior citizens of all different nationalities and cultures. At these centres, you can obtain important information about your district and have the opportunity to benefit from the various services that the family centre offers (e.g. help with homework, language courses, advice for parents, leisure activities for children and young people).

There are 7 family centres in Pforzheim

Bürgerhaus Buckenberg - Haidach und Hagenschieß e. V.
Marienburger Straße 18
75181  Pforzheim
Gustav Rau Straße 6
75173  Pforzheim
Familienzentrum Au
Calwer Straße 4-6
75175  Pforzheim
Familienzentrum Nord - Pforzheimer Stadtmission
Sachsenstraße 30
75177  Pforzheim
Familienzentrum Ost
Zeppelinstraße 20
75175  Pforzheim
Lukas Zentrum - Familienzentrum der Pforzheimer Weststadt
Maximilianstraße 38
75172  Pforzheim
Zentrum für Familien - Mehrgenerationenhaus im Bernhardushaus
Barfüßergasse 12
75172  Pforzheim