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Leisure and assistance for children and young people

There are various leisure and assistance services available for children and young people in Pforzheim

Stadtjugendring Pforzheim

SJR Betriebs GmbH

Oranierstr. 15, 75175 Pforzheim,

+49 7231 14 42 80


The Stadtjugendring Pforzheim, SJR Betriebs GmbH represents the interests of children and young people in Pforzheim. As a social partner of various youth leisure facilities and active participant in mobile youth work, it also has several fixed youth centres in various districts of the city.

It also has a mobile service for children.

The SJR offers a wide range of leisure activities in the school holidays.

The Haus der Jugend is the Stadtjugendring’s largest youth centre.

Haus der Jugend

Westliche 77, 75172 Pforzheim

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Beratungsstelle für Kinder, Jugendliche und deren Familien aus Pforzheim

NEUE ADRESSE ab 1. August 2016

Baumgäßchen 3, 75172 Pforzheim

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+49 7231 2 81 70-0

The services offered by the advice point (Beratungsstelle) include, for example, parenting and family advice, advice for children and young people, help in times of crisis and advice for schools and nurseries. Advice is provided free of charge.

Drobs – Jugend- und Drogenberatungsstelle

Schießhausstr. 6, 75173 Pforzheim,

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+49 7231 9 22 77-0

The Drobs youth support and drugs advice point provides advice, supports and treats young people experiencing problems, people at risk of addiction and people suffering from addiction as well as their families.

Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V.

Tunnelstr. 33, 75172 Pforzheim

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+49 7231 58 98 98-0

The services offered by the child protection league (Kinderschutzbund) include advice and support for families experiencing difficulties. The child protection league offers a forum for single parents, as well as crèches and playgroups. It can be contacted via a 24-hour helpline for children, young people and adults (tel.: +49 (0)7231 767 200).