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Sport clubs

If you are interested in joining a sports club

Anyone wanting to play sports can register with a sports club in Pforzheim, with the city’s sports clubs offering a wide range of sports and exercise options for all age groups.

In addition to being able to stay fit and healthy with regular exercise, membership in a sports club also helps children and young people, as well as adults, in other ways:

  • Exercise strengthens the personality and sense of well-being.
  • Regular exercise promotes the positive physical and emotional development of children and young people.
  • It enables you to make contact with other people and develop friendships.
  • Contact with German-speaking members makes it easier to learn German.
  • Playing sports boosts social awareness and teaches values such as fairness, tolerance and respect.

Over 100 sports clubs in Pforzheim offer countless activities, including gymnastics, football, swimming, tennis, handball, basketball, judo, karate, athletics, dancing, riding and much more.

Contributions must be paid for membership in a sports club.

For children and young people from low-income families, membership fees can be
Membership fees can be covered by benefits from the education package.

see at Bildungspaket (BuT)

Sports clubs

The city of Pforzheim is a great supporter of the over 100 sports clubs with its almost 30,000 members, which offer over 60 different sports to all citizens.

The wide range of sports on offer can only be made possible thanks to the voluntary commitment of the club members. The sports administration supports the sports clubs in their daily work within the framework of the municipal sports funding guidelines and in a variety of ways. The city also invests in the construction, renovation and maintenance of sports facilities.

Sportkreis Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V.

The Sportkreis Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V. is the umbrella organisation for sport in Pforzheim and the Enzkreis. The Sportkreis represents the inter-club and interdisciplinary interests of 264 sports clubs with almost 80,000 members in the region.

Geschäftsstelle Sportkreis Pforzheim Enzkreis e. V.

Durlacher Straße 22
75172 Pforzheim

 +49 7231 33500



Sports clubs in Pforzheim

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